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Custom Eyeglasses Shopping Bags

  • Quantity:400 PCS
  • Size:L7.8 x H11x D 4inch 
  • Paper Type:  black paper
  • Handle Type:  ribbon
  • Printing:  white logo
  • Production time :5-7 days
  • Delivery: Free shipping to the USA by air shipment


This is a ribbon handle black eyeglasses shopping bag,the large text  is in the center of the front side of the paper bag.
The logo printing technique use screen printing process, which ensures the logo on the black paper is clear and solid,the logo printing method is especially suitable for small quantities of logo printing paper bag needs.

The ribbon handles of the bag are riveted in order to reinforce the fastness of the handles.The dimensions of the bag are L7 4/5 x H11 x D 4, a medium size that can be widely used for packaging a variety of products.

This type of bag is suitable for businesses looking for an elegant and customizable packaging option, especially for specific branding requirements or need to print a logo in smaller quantities. The black paper with white screen printing can create a stylish and high-contrast look.


Paper Bag Material

Black Paper

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