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Gustom Gift bag with Ribbon L10 x H10x D4 inch

  • Minimum Quantity: 1000PCS
  • Size: L10 x H10x D4 inch
  • Paper Type: 200gsm white kraft paper
  • Handle Type: grosgrain ribbon
  • Varnish: matt
  • LOGO: hot foil stamping
  • Production time : 7-9 days
  • Delivery: Free shipping to the USA by sea
  • The gift bags can be customized according to specific requirements, such as customized design, logo , material , size , handle finishing , and quantity.


The gift bag with ribbon features a handle made of grosgrain ribbon and a logo or design printed on the bag using a foil stamping technique.Grosgrain ribbon is a type of ribbon that has a distinctive ribbed texture and is known for its durability and strength.

The foil logo is created using a special printing technique called foil stamping. Foil stamping involves the application of metallic or colored foil to a surface using heat and pressure. This technique adds a luxurious and eye-catching element to the gift bag, as the foil creates a shiny and reflective appearance.

Combining the printed grosgrain ribbon handle with a foil logo or design results in a customized gift bag that is not only functional but also visually appealing.
The printed grosgrain ribbon handle adds an elegant touch, while the foil logo or design adds a touch of sophistication and personalization. These types of gift bags are often used for special occasions, corporate events, weddings, or as promotional items.

Paper Bag Material

White Kraft Paper

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