Green Mailer Boxes

  • Minimum quantity: 500pcs
  • Material: Double-face corrugated
  • Fluting: E fluting
  • Printing:  green and black printing
  • Delivery: Free free to the USA
  • Delivery time: 20-26 days


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These green mailer boxes come in 4 different sizes, customer can choose the size that fit their products.Corrugated mailer boxes provide good protection for the product inside due to their durable and sturdy construction.

The green mailer box is printed with 100% coverage in green color, and the black word ” Your Present ” on the top is suitable for various occasions.

Corrugated mailer boxes are cost-effective and fast turnaround.

Free shipping to the United States in 20-25 days.


L10.5 x W6.4 x H2 inch, L12 x W7.8x H2 inch, L6 x W4 x H1.5 inch, L6 x W6 x H2 inch

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