Kraft Shopping Bag

  • Paper:  200gsm and 250gsm Kraft paper
  • Printing: 5 PMS printing
  • Varnish:  glossy varnish
  • Handle style: colored cotton ribbon
  • Production time: 20-25 days
  • Delivery: Free shipping to your address


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Kraft shopping bag is made of kraft paper bags for retail, kraft paper bags for business can come in various styles, designs, and sizes depending on the business’s needs and preferences.

The design of the paper bag is printed with multi-color PMS with different background tones on the front and back of the paper bag to make the design unified and interesting.

We provide different paper weight options to meet paper bag durability preferences, needs, and budgets, ensuring that customers find the perfect retail shopping bag for their specific requirements.

  •  Small-size paper bag: 200gsm
  • Medium-size paper bag: 200gsm
  • Large-size paper bag: 250gsm

The selection of multiple colors and material handles for paper bags enhances the functionality, durability, and sustainability of customized shopping bags. We offer the colored cotton ribbon to match the paper bag’s natural design style.

Free shipping to your address in the USA.


Paper Bag Material

White Kraft Paper




L10” x H9” x D4”, L20” x H16” x D7”, L5.7” x H4.5” x D2.4”

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