Luxury Gift Bag with Cotton Ribbon

  • Minimum Quantity : 1000PCS
  • Paper Type:  C2S paper
  • Handle Type:  twill cotton
  • Handle Construction: edda handle construction
  • LOGO:  hot foil stamping
  • Additional finishes: soft lamination


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The luxury gift bag with cotton ribbon is made from high-quality paper with matt lamination. These bags are often used by high-end retail stores and luxury brands to package their products, as they offer a premium look and feel that matches the quality of the items being sold. The cotton ribbon is very soft and adds a tactile element to the shopping experience, which can create a sense of luxury and exclusivity for the customer.

The front of the bag features a striking gold logo that stands out against the white background. It is ok to add your logo on the bag.
Free delivery to the USA


L8 x H6 x W4 inch

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