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Custom Paper Bags with Logo

  • Paper Type:  C2S  paper
  • Handle Type: grosgrain ribbon
  • Finishes: matt lamination
  • Production time 9-13 days


Custom paper bags with logo, gold hot foil stamping on the front and back, and a satin ribbon handle are a type of promotional or branding item commonly used by businesses for packaging and gifting purposes.
The combination of custom paper bags with a foil logo and satin ribbon offers a visually appealing and branded packaging solution. It can enhance the perceived value of products, create a memorable unboxing experience, and serve as an effective marketing tool by showcasing the company’s logo and brand identity.
Custom paper bags for gifts are created according to specific requirements and can be customized with various designs, colors, sizes, and branding elements.

These bags are often used by businesses, retailers, and individuals to enhance the presentation of their gifts and create a unique and personalized experience for the recipient.

Paper Bag Material

C2S Coated Paper

Paper Bag Size

Bag Length 4-6 inch

Paper bag size

L7 X H9 X D4.2 inch




Free shipping to your address in the Canada by express

Unit Price


Delivery time

7-10 days

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