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Paper Shopping Bag with Logo L11x H8.2 x D4.3 inch

  • Minimum Quantity: 1000 PCS
  • Size: L11x H8.2 x D4.3 inch
  • Paper Type:  180gsm kraft paper
  • Handle Type:  paper twisted handle
  • Printing :  blue printing
  • Production time : 7-9 days
  • Delivery: Free shipping to the USA by sea
  • If you order more , please contact us for lower price


The paper shopping bag with a logo is specifically designed for retail purposes and features a printed logo or branding elements on its surface. These bags are commonly used by businesses to provide customers with a convenient and eco-friendly way to carry their purchases while also promoting their brand.

The logo on a paper shopping bag can be customized according to the business’s branding guidelines. It may include the company name, slogan, icon, or any other visual representation that represents the brand identity. The logo is typically printed on one or both sides of the bag using techniques such as screen printing, offset printing, or hot foil stamping.

Paper shopping bags are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles to accommodate different types of merchandise. They are often made from durable and sustainable materials, such as kraft paper, which is known for its strength and recyclability.

Using paper shopping bags with a logo not only provides a functional packaging solution but also serves as a form of advertisement. When customers carry these bags, they become walking billboards, showcasing the brand to others and potentially attracting new customers.


Paper Bag Material

White Kraft Paper

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