Printed White Cotton Ribbon

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  • Minimum Quantity: 2000 yard
  • Material: 100% Cotton,
  • Imprint Color: Black printing
  • Ribbon Color: white color


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The white cotton ribbon is the narrow strip used for decorative or packing purposes. Cotton ribbon can be used for adding a decorative touch to clothing, accessories, or home decor items. It may be printed with brand names and logos.

Cotton ribbon can be used to tie up gift boxes or wrap around gift bags to add a rustic or natural touch to the presentation.

By printing your logo on the cotton ribbon, you can effectively promote your brand and increase brand recognition. Whenever someone sees the ribbon, they will associate it with your brand and this can help build brand loyalty.

The cotton ribbon is a versatile and useful ribbon.


W 1 1/2 inch, W 3/4 inch

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