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Custom Red Luxury Paper Bag L8 x H10x D4 inch

  • Minimum Quantity: 1000PCS
  • Size: L10 x H10x D4 inch
  • Paper Type: 200gsm  textured paper
  • Handle Type: cotton cord
  • Varnish: matt
  • LOGO: hot foil stamping
  • Lamination: matt
  • Production time : 7-9 days
  • Delivery: Free shipping to the USA by sea
  • The gift bags can be customized according to specific requirements, such as customized design, logo , material , size , handle finishing , and quantity.


The custom luxury paper bag  made of textured paper can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements. The bag material for the custom paper bag is textured paper. Textured paper comes in different weights and finishes, such as linen, felt, embossed, or coated textures.

The gift bag can be customized according to the client’s specific requirements and preference for paper type, size, color, design, printing technique, and handle selection.This ensures that the final product reflects the client’s branding, style, and vision, while also providing a high-quality and visually appealing packaging solution.



Paper Bag Material

Textured / Embossed Paper

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