Remote Sleeve Gift Boxes

  • Box Style: drawer gift box
  • Printing: offset printing
  • Additional Finish:  Matte Lamination
  • Packaging inserts: PS insert
  • Logo printing:  Spot UV varnish
  • Size: 5.4”x4”x2.1”(13.7x10x5.3cm)

Packaging Customized

Remote Sleeve Gift Boxes

The sleeve box is a sliding box consisting of two parts, the inner base, and the sleeve. The gift box uses a sleeve as a lid and can be slid forth and back. Some sleeve boxes have complete sleeves, some have partial sleeves, and the partial sleeves are also called waist sleeves mainly used for decoration.

These sleeve gift boxes made of the rigid board are suitable for high-end gift packagings such as cosmetics, jewelry, and some electronic.

Better package custom the various type of the sleeve gift box for food, bakery and gift packaging.

Gift Box Style

There are many kinds of gift boxes available.We share the some common types of gift boxes

Drawer Gift Boxes

The drawer gift box, also called the sliding gift box, is the favorite gift box style for jewelry, chocolate, and cosmetic products. The inner slide base is even more practical and safe for your products.

Foldable Boxes

The folding gift box is a self-assembled rigid box style; the box is flat shipping, which saves transportation costs a lot, and prevents the package from being damaged during transportation. Therefore, folding gift boxes are an ideal packaging solution for large boutique products.

Lid and Base Box

The lid and base gift box, also called the set-up box, is one of the primary gift box styles. It consists of two parts, a lid, and a base.

Magnetic Boxes

A magnetic box is a gift box equipped with a magnet in the lid or flap for the closure of the box. The magnetic lid gift box is one of the most commonly used packaging boxes in gift packaging; it is stylish and affordable.

 Paper Tube

The paper tube is cylinder packaging box made of the cardboard or kraft paper; it is available in various diameter and printing finishes.

The tube packaging box is the ideal packaging box for cosmetic, candle and food packaging .

Shoulder Boxes

The shoulder box is one of the six basic box styles; it consists of two square bases with an internal tray in the middle, perfect for adding a touch to the gift box’s uniqueness.


Logo Printing

A gift box or paper bag with a logo can impress shoppers with your brand. There are many methods to print a logo on packaging, so choosing the suitable way is critical for making impressive packaging. 

There are six types of printing methods for logo printing

Logo Printing-Hot Foil Stamping

Hot stamping is to print patterns and text on paper, cloth, or leather by heating metallic foil through a heated metal plate.

The foil is available in various color ,such as white,gold,black,copper,rose gold,etc.

Logo Printing-Spot UV

Spot UV is to add a transparent and glossy coating to a specific part, such as a logo or pattern of packaging. The logo pattern with UV coating has a shiny and raised effect of increasing the variety of packaging designs to attract customers and increase brand awareness.

Spot UV combines with other Logo printing options, such as hot foil stamping or embossing, to add elegance to the packaging.

Logo Printing-Embossing &Debossing

Embossing is to make the logo and pattern have a three-dimensional effect and highlight these parts.

Embossing is commonly used with foil hot stamping to create a luxurious, elegant feel to the packaging.

Production time and Shipping

Here we lay out the production time for different packaging styles to help you understand the production turnaround and plan the custom packaging order in advance

Production time

Rigid Gift Box: 20- 30 days
Corrugated boxes: 10-15 days
Tissue paper: 10-15days
Paper Shopping Bag: 15– 25 days
Ribbon :10-15 days


There 3 main shipping methods to choose from:

  • Sea shippment
  • Air shippment
  • Expresss (Fedex, DHL and UPS)

In addition we can provide DDP door-to-door service for both air and sea freight

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