Subscription Boxes with Handles

  • Box Style: book style box
  • Printing: offset PMS color
  • Additional finishes: matt lamination
  • Handle: PU handle
  • Size: 9”x 7” x 3” (23 x 18 x 7.5cm)

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Subscription Boxes with Handles

This 2023 subscription box is beautiful and suitable as a subscription box, corporate event gift box, or selection gift box.

Gift boxes with handles are becoming more and more popular, and the handles of colored PU are very soft and durable. There are many choices of PU color, it is easy to match the color of the handle according to the custom design.

Gift Box Style Picture Used For Product Packaging
Drawer Gift Boxes   jewelry,cosmetics,gift,shoes,toys
Foldable Boxes   apparel,wine,cosmetic,shoe,gift,toys,game card
Lid and Base Box jewelry,cosmetics,gift,shoe,shoes,apparel,candle
Magnetic Boxes   jewelry,cosmetics,gift,shoe,shoes,apparel,wine,chcolate,candy
Shoulder Boxes   jewelry,cosmetics,gift,wine,chocolate,candy
Paper Tube   jewelry,cosmetics, candle,gift, wine,candy,food

Here we lay out the production time for different packaging styles to help you understand the production turnaround and plan the custom packaging order in advance

Production time

Rigid Gift Box: 20- 30 days
Corrugated boxes: 10-15 days
Tissue paper: 10-15days
Paper Shopping Bag: 15– 25 days
Ribbon :10-15 days


There 3 main shipping methods to choose from:

  • Sea shippment
  • Air shippment
  • Expresss (Fedex, DHL and UPS)

In addition we can provide DDP door-to-door service for both air and sea freight

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