Rigid Boxes Packaging

Beautifully printed and unique shape premium packaging always makes an item stand out.

When we customize gift boxes for clients, they sometimes don’t understand why some gift boxes could not do some special box structure and finishes.

There are various types of gift boxes, such as cardboard boxes, mailer boxes, shipping boxes, and rigid boxes.

These gift boxes have many differences not only in product material but also in box structure and production process.

Understanding the knowledge of custom gift box packaging can help businesses choose more suitable and cost-effective gift boxes.

What are the Rigid Boxes?

Rigid boxes are sturdy gift boxes made with gray rigid boards, constructed by gluing each edge and wrapped with all kinds of paper.

The rigid packaging box is an ideal packaging choice for many luxury brands and products because of its diverse structure and various printing and coating options.

It consists of three parts: outer lining paper, rigid board, and inner lining paper. The rigid board is also usually used file holder, book holder, bookbinding, notebook, calendar, photo frame, puzzle, etc.

This table lists the main paper materials used on rigid boxes.

Paper Types
Colored virgin paper (black, red, burgundy, brown, navy, violet)120gsm
White bleach kraft paper/ kraft paper 150gsm
Pearlescent finish paper120gsm
Embossed /Textured paper120gsm,130gsm
Metallic paper (silver, gold)128gsm ,157gsm

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Type of the Rigid Board

 Rigid boards are recycled gray boards with high stiffness and thickness. Unlike corrugated cardboard, the gray board is a solid board with a very smooth and flat surface.

Rigid boards are available in a variety of thicknesses and types. the thickness of the rigid board ranges from 0.5mm to 4mm.

The type of rigid board includes a single-sided, double-sided, gray board with white.

Here are some basic parameters of rigid board

Raw Material:Made from 100% recycled or imported waste paper
Pulp Style:Mixed pulp
Standard Size:787X1092mm 889X1194mm
GSM /Thickness:100gsm = 0.16mm
GSM Rang:350gsm -2400gsm
Grades:Grade AA, and Grade A,
ApplicationGift box, File holder, Hard book holder, Bookbinding, Notebook, Calendar, Photo Frame, Post Cards, Puzzle, etc.

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The Different Styles of Rigid Boxes.

Due to the smoothness and stiffness of rigid boards, rigid boxes have unlimited choices of structure and shape.

Here are the basic styles of rigid packaging structural 

  • Drawer Style Rigid Box
  • Foldable /Collapsible Style Boxes
  • Lid and Base Boxes
  • Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes
  • Shoulder Rigid Box

The variety of hard box styles and shapes can enhance the added value of luxury packaging, as well as well-designed product ideas, making the packaging stand out from many competitors and impress your customers.

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Rigid Boxes Production

Rigid boxes are not like corrugated gift boxes. The production process of the rigid box seems a little complicated with high-quality standards, so the production time is relatively long.

The planning of the gift box is critical, and it can effectively avoid the cost of problems caused by rush production, such as inappropriate size, design printing errors, and late delivery.

In the production of the custom rigid box, the gift box customization process is divided into three parts, pre-preparation,  box manufacturing, and shipping

Pre-Production Preparation-Before Production

Before production, detailed and clear information is very necessary. It not only communicates with suppliers effectively but also finds and improves customized information quickly.

The packaging informmation includes the folllowing

  • Rigid Box Dimensions
  • Design of rigid box
  • Number of packaging
  • Packaging budget
  • Box structural

Size, design, and quantity are three key pieces of information for packaging manufacturers to provide initial quotations and information.

Packaging budgets and box structures enable suppliers to provide more precise prices.

It doesn’t matter if you are not sure about the budget and the structure of the gift box, professional box manufacturers, such as Better Package, offer a variety of price options based on size and quantity, including the structure of the gift box, paper materials, printing processes that may be required, special finishes (such as matte glossy, glossy) and package insert options

Box Production

The production of rigid boxes includes two processes: rigid box proofing and mass production, and sampling are particularly important.

Rigid Box Proofing

Rigid box Proofing is an important process to make a graphic package design into a physical gift box.

Some creative and gorgeous packaging designs are impossible to achieve in physical gift boxes or cost a lot of expenses.

Therefore, proofing is to ensure that the physical gift box is consistent with the design goal.

During this proofing process, the customer could modify the details of the packaging design, and the manufacturer provides the optimal suggestion according to the design goals.

This proofing can take about 5 to 15 days, depending on the complexity and difficulty of the rigid box.

  • Examine box size
  • Test the functionality of the gift box
  • Check design completion
  • Examine the printing and finishes

Mass Production

Gift box production is a process that takes the longest time in the hard box customization process. However, because of the previous proofing work, the production of large-scale goods is a large-scale standardized production process.

This process will involve the packaging of the hard box and some details of logistics.

Gift box production seems to be a complicated and cumbersome process, but finding a professional manufacturer not only allows you to get a good price and quickly solve your packaging needs but also allows you to learn a lot of packaging ideas.

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