Custom Shopping Bag -Textured and Embossed Papers for Custom Paper Bag

Paper bags are the most common form of the shopping bag. They could protect the quality and quantity of the commodities and provide shopping convenience for both retailers and shoppers; on the other hand, paper bags with logos could promote increases in sales and bring excellent economic effects. 

It is worth to customized a paper bag with your logo and design. Paper, printing process and handle are the essential elements of custom paper bags; Combining these elements can create various personalized paper bags.

The choice of paper for custom paper bags is unlimited, and the paper for shopping bags comes in many different materials, weights, and textures, among them, textured paper is the paper that many boutique shopping bags like to use, and it adds luxury and elegance to the shopping bag.

What is The Textured and Embossed Paper?

The textured paper is specialty paper with an embossing design. The specialty paper material adds fancy and luxury to the custom printed bags due to the different texture shades on the surface.

Two Ways to Produce Textured and Embossed Papers

The paper industry has two processes for making embossed paper. One method is to add embossing during the papermaking process, where the pulp is passed through a soft felt with a textured distribution, leaving a unique texture in the paper.

Another processing method is more straightforward: roll the paper and engraved steel together and emboss the texture on the paper surface.

Textured and Embossed Papers for Custom Paper Bag

The shopping bag made of embossed paper features unique and elaborated, and different embossed paper can add different effects to the gift bag.

Feature of the Textured and Embossed Papers

  • A wide range choice of the embossed style
  • Available in a custom embossed design
  • Suitable for offset printing
  • Available in a variety of colors

Here are six popular textured papers for making luxury paper bags; these textured embossed papers are perfect for adding advanced printing techniques such as foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, etc.

Better Package is a printing and packaging company dedicated to producing texture paper tote bags for businesses. A better package offers a wide range of texture styles and colors.

You can get personalized boutique and unique shopping bags at affordable prices: the textured paper gift bag is easier to catch the eye of customers and show them products that stand out for their value and beauty.


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