Tips for Custom Ideal Large Gift Boxes with Lids

In this article, we would like to talk about some tips for customizing cost-effective, beautiful, and durable oversized gift boxes with lids, hoping to give you some inspiration in customizing large-sized boxes.

What is Large Gift Box?

Generally speaking, if the total length of length, width, and height of a box exceeds 30 inches, we define the box as an extra large gift box.

There are a lot of large volume commodities needed for the large gift boxes.

  • Luxury Bathrobe
  • Designer Gown
  • Thigh high boots
  • Fashion Handbag
  • Handmade Shawls
  • Luxury Rug 
  • Subscription Box

The Benefits of Custom Extra Large Gift Boxes 

Customized gift boxes play a key role in product sales. Whether your sales channel is through physical stores or e-commerce, custom gift boxes can convey the brand message, help brand building, the packaging could extend the product function and provide premium shopping experience

  • Appropriate large-size gift boxes provide the stable protection 
  • Personalized printing can make your box more distinctive and attractive
  • Additional accessories,such as ribbons, and raffia provide consumers with a better shopping experience.

Tips for Custom Ideal Large Gift Boxes with Lids

The Box Style and Structure for Extra Large Gift Boxes 

Rigid gift box hasre six basic box styles to produce gift boxes in various types, shapes, and sizes. These box styles are the foundation of creating elegant and elaborated gift boxes 

  • Shoulder Boxes
  • Drawer Boxes
  • Paper Tube
  • Lid and Base Boxes
  • Magnetic Boxes
  • Foldable Boxes 

Among these box styles, the lid and base boxes and magnetic box are feasible to make large size gift boxes, however, these two box styles will bring an issue of material wasting, which is not a coincidence with the sustainable packaging principle.

Secondly, these boxes are fixed structure, so it is obvious that take much more storage space and increase a lot of the shipping cost.

Lastly, these large and empty gift boxes are easy to be damaged during delivery.

The Advice from Packaging Expert: Folding style is the best structure for large gift boxes 

The foldable extra large gift boxes ships flat, it solves the storage space, damage potential, and high shipping cost of the normal box style.

The character of the folding boxes 

  • Self-assemble, easy and quick fixed
  • Sustainable packaging style 
  • Strong and durable 

Packaging Materials for Oversize Gift Boxes

In the process of gift box production, the packaging material is one of the key factors that affect packaging cost. The main packaging material making the folding packaging box 

  • Rigid board
  • Corrugated Board 

A foldable gift box made of a rigid board is made by complicated printing and handwork, the production process would take 20-30days according to different packaging requirements.

These collapsible gift boxes are available in a variety of types and could meet the diversity of the packaging needs.

  • Half Flip-Top Folding Box
  • Flip-Top Foldable Box
  • Folding box with ribbon

In view of the complex production process of gift boxes, the price of the rigid folding box is high, it is suitable for brand packaging with high-end packaging requirements.

If you are a startup online enterprise engaging in e-commerce business and looking for cost-effective large packaging boxes, the corrugated folding box is the best choice for you.

The corrugated folding boxes are made of corrugated board, and the character of the  corrugated gift folding boxes

  • Lightweight
  • Durable 
  • High stacking Resistance 

The corrugated fold shipping box is good for a subscription box.

Printing Solution for Large Boxes Packaging

The printing and packaging technique on the gift boxes make the packaging outstanding from the competitor and impress your shoppers.

Partial Area Printing is Better Than the Full Coverage Printing 

The area of the large gift box is a huge, sometimes flat length of a gift box could exceed 50 inches, for these extra large boxes, it may bring some printing issues to printing full coverage printing area.  

  • The printing difference issue 
  • The printing pattern aligns issue 

The partial print on the gift boxes could focus the shopper’s attention, printing cost is low, so it is a good printing solution for the tight budget company.

Lamination is the Necessary Technique  for The Extra Size Packaging Box 

The lamination is the extra plastic film laminated on the paper, the lamination technique makes the gift box durable and waterproof relatively.

There are two lamination types used on the packaging 

  • Matte Lamination
  • Glossy Lamination 

The matte lamination gives the paper an elegant appearance, and the glossy lamination adds shine to the packaging. The matte lamination and glossy lamination are suitable for both rigid and corrugated folding boxes.

The Sample Proofing Process is Must 

One thing is for sure, the extra-large gift box is more expensive than the regular size. After we have determined the structure, material, printing, and craftsmanship of the oversized gift box, the next prototype proofing process is very important for enterprises and manufacturers

First of all, the proofing process takes about 5-10 days, which depends on the complexity of the packaging gift box process. During this sampling process, the manufacturer will optimize the process and structure to make perfect sample.

Secondly, clients could take a test on the physical boxes to make sure the size, function, printing, and other details are correct.

Proofing procedure makes mass production work smooth and efficient in future

Work with Professional and Capable Manufacturers 

Professional manufacturers have many years of experience in gift box customization and can provide packaging design support, packaging structure design, and optimization of gift box production. Help you complete your custom gift box project faster and more efficiently.

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Check more samples of foldable rigid box for inspiration on custom luxury large gift boxes.

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