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Rings are one of the crucial pieces of jewelry in everyday life, and it includes engagement rings, wedding rings, and rings for everyday wear. We introduced typical ring box styles in “Five Beautiful Boxes for Ring Jewelry Boxes,” including magnet boxes, drawer boxes, shoulder boxes, etc.

In luxury jewelry packaging, velvet and leather are very suitable for making jewelry gift box. Velvet is a soft fabric, and leather is always the favorite fabric of high-end packaging boxes.

The following exquisite and luxurious ring boxes are available in various styles and colors and are suitable for packing luxury rings.

PU Leather Ring Jewelry Boxes with Golden Border

This ring box has simple lines and a stylish design. The most attractive feature is the golden border, which adds a sense of luxury to the jewelry box. The gold studs underneath decorate the box and make it easy for the user to open the lid. The PU leather jewelry box comes in two color options, green and red.

Round White PU Leather Ring Boxes

The design of the round jewelry box is exquisite and unique; it opts for the shoulder style, one of the five beautiful box types for making jewelry gift boxes.

The most surprising thing is that this jewelry box can hold both rings and pendants, designed with ring slots and pendant slots. The white PU leather on the outside of the ring box is soft, delicate, and available to print the logo.

Octagon Velvet Wedding Ring Boxes

The octagonal ring boxes are fancy and sophisticated and are available in four colors. The lid fits the base tightly and protects the jewelry insides.

Leatherette Jewelry Ring Box

The jewelry box is a unique oval shape covered with a layer of glossy leatherette paper, a specialty paper suitable for luxury packaging and available in many textures.

The gold border adds luxury to the jewelry box. In addition, a sparkling crystal is set below to make this jewelry box even more eye-catching.

Soft Touch Ring Jewelry Boxes

This box consists of two parts, a pink lid and brown bottom. The paper with soft-touch lamination makes the box feel very smooth and soft. A grosgrain ribbon bow attached to the top gives uniqueness to the ring box.

Conclusion-Wholesale Jewelry Boxes from Factory

These fine jewelry boxes are stock jewelry box packaging for wholesale sale, and we offer a Door-to-Door delivery service. Order more than 300 pieces to get a printed logo for free, welcome to contact us for the latest price of unique jewelry ring boxes.

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