Some Packaging Ideas On Candle

When you start your handmade candle business, you may need to order candle packaging boxes with your logos and encounter various questions like what kind of candle box packaging is the best. How do I package my candles? Or what is the cheapest way to ship candles?

This article tells you some candle packaging ideas and knowledge that can help customize affordable and creative candle packaging boxes.

What Are the Candle Boxes?

Candle boxes are candle packaging boxes made of various cardboard materials. Candle boxes are available in various shapes and structures, such as square and round shapes, shoulder candle boxes, and magnetic style candle box .

The benefit of the candle box

  • Provide physical protection to candles
  • Satisfy social interaction needs
  • Improve the shopper shopping experience

How To Package Candles?

There are many kinds of candles in the market, most candles are put in glass bottles, which are fragile, so an essential point when packaging candles is to prevent the glass bottle from breaking.

There are some packaging tips to package the candles

  • Bubble wrap film
  • Durable and appropriate shipping box
  • Packing filling material

Bubble wrap film-Wrapping the candle with bubble film could prevent the glass bottles from breaking during transit; it is easy to buy a roll bubble film from Amazon and cut any size you need.

Durable and appropriate shipping box-There are many options for choosing shipping boxes, such as three-layer boxes, five-layer boxes, and even seven-layer boxes. The 5-layer box is a good choice as it is sturdy and affordable.

However, box size is also a very important factor. Using an oversized shipping box can not just add extra filling material, but also increase shipping costs.

Packing filling material-The colored shredded cut paper also called crinkle paper, is an eco-friendly and soft filling material for gift packaging. Crinkle paper is available in many colors, such as red, blue, green, white, brown, and another color.

What Is The Cheapest Way to Get Candle Boxes?

As we told before that candle boxes are packaging boxes made of different cardboard. The goal of custom packaging is to get desired cardboard candle box that fits your packaging needs within a limited budget.

Here is advice on some candle packaging ideas for different candle packaging

Candle Packaging ideas on The Single Candle Boxes

Single bottle candles are the predominant form of candle sales; single bottle candles weigh between 150 grams and 400 grams. Candles are usually stored in glass jars or tin cans.

Single bottle candle packaging mainly uses the following three cardboard materials

  • Chipboard packaging
  • Rigid cardboard packaging
  • Corrugated packaging
  • Paper tube packaging

Chipboard Packaging for Candle

Chipboard used in candle packaging is high-weight cardboard whose weight ranges from 300-450 gsm. This kind of cardboard is the most common packaging material for single bottle candle packaging.

For the single candle box made of chipboard , it is necessary to add a packaging lining made of corrugated board to improve its strength.

The candle box made of the chipboard are most cost-effective packaging material for the candle packaging.

The cardboard is printable directly with the logo and pattern, and it is ok to add other printing techniques such as hot foil, screen printing, embossing, etc.

Rigid Cardboard Packaging for Candle

The rigid box is a composite packaging box. Rigid cardboard is a kind of cardboard with a thickness of about 1mm to 3mm, the rigid cardboard is flexible to make desired designed shape,rigid cardboard is not suitable for printing directly, so another thin paper is pasted around the rigid board.

Making rigid cardboard candle packaging boxes is a relatively complicated process. However, its most significant advantage is that it can produce various shapes, such as heart shapes, and another irregular shape.

The candle gift boxes made of rigid cardboard are suitable for branded candle packaging that show uniqueness and delicateness.

Corrugated Packaging for Candle

The gift box made of corrugated board is good for candle shipping boxes, the corrugated board is a multi-layer board with wave board inside, which makes it durable and shock resistant.

Lightweight corrugated cardboard is ideal for candle shipping boxes as well as candle subscription boxes

Paper tube Packaging for Candle

The paper tube box also called the cylinder gift box is made of a multi-layer of kraft paper, the cardboard tube is rolled with kraft paper into various diameters, and the diameter of the cylinder can be 4 cm to 26 cm.

The paper tube cylinder is machine-made, and it is a great packaging solution to get a cheap cylinder candle box.

Candle Packaging Ideas on Candle Gift Set Packaging

Candle gift sets generally include multiple bottles of candles. With the diversification of consumer demand, more and more branded candle merchants a launched a variety of candle gift box sets.

The candle gift set are ideal for gift .such as valentine’ present , housewarming gifts ,birthday gift ,etc

Making candle gift box is a complicated packaging process, it involves packaging structural, material selection, and craftsmanship.

There are 5basic box styles and structure for candle gift box set

Experienced candle packaging manufacturers can support candle packaging structure design, solve packaging materials, and improve the production process. A good candle packaging idea requires the cooperation of packaging designers, merchants, and packaging manufacturers to achieve it successfully.

Candle Packaging Ideas on Candle Subscription Box

The candle subscription box is a collection of candles, diffusers, related candle tools, and other beauty products. The products in the candle subscription box vary every month.

Candle subscription boxes are generally mailed, and there are many different sizes in the subscription. Therefore, the size of candle subscription boxes is often a little large.

The corrugated shipping box is an ideal for candle subscription box

  • Cost-effective material
  • Lightweght ,sturdy structure
  • High stacking resistance
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly

What Are The Aspects of Custom Candle Packaging Boxes?

Custom candles gift box can enhance the beauty of packaging, attract consumers’ attention, and create unique packaging.Custom packaging generally includes several aspects

  • Packaging Structural Engineering
  • Packaging Design Optimize
  • Sampling and Prototyping
  • Mass Production

Examples of Candle Gift Boxes

We show some amazing examples of candle gift boxes.Get inspired and start planning the perfect candle packaging box in various styles and printing options from Better Package.

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