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Custom Brown Gift Bag with Ribbon

  • Minimum Quantity: 1000PCS
  • Size:  66cm x 60cm x 25cm,  40cm x 40 cm x 20cm
  • Paper Type: Grid Kraft Paper
  • Handle Type: cotton ribbon
  • LOGO: Pantone color
  • Production time:10-13 days
  • Delivery: Free shipping to the USA by sea


The custom brown gift bag is designed to provide convenience and durability while offering a stylish look. The strong handles ensure that the bag can comfortably hold heavier items, such as shoes and boots, without compromising its usability. The option to carry the bag over the shoulder adds to its practicality and ease of transportation.

The green logo on the front of the bag adds a touch of color and visual appeal. By matching the logo color to the handle color, the bag presents a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design. This attention to detail enhances the overall look and feel of the bag, making it an attractive option for gifting or personal use.

Paper Bag Material

Grid Kraft Paper


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