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Chocolate Boxes

  • Size: customize any size
  • Color: CMYK,
  • Material: paper,
  • Packaging processes: hot foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, silk-screen

Better Package has produced a variety of chocolate boxes. Generally speaking, cardboard chocolate gift boxes are the most common chocolate packaging style since cardboard could make into various types of chocolate packaging boxes according to requirements.

The status of chocolate in desserts is unshakable. There may be girls who don’t like handsome guys, but no girl will refuse the temptation of chocolate. In addition to the nutritional value of chocolate itself, chocolate also gives many moving stories, becoming the embodiment of romance.

People have widely loved chocolate; whether it is breakfast or not, they usually eat it as a snack as long as people are hungry. Ordinary pure chocolates include dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate.

 Here are a few fancy chocolate packaging boxes

1. Chocolate heart box, this heart style is often used for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and weddings.

2. Hexagonal chocolate gift box, the chocolate gift box is opened from left to right, the two sides are connected to the bottom, and the cardboard circle logo is placed in the center. Four magnets in the cardboard are used to close the chocolate box

3, set up chocolate box, it is a classic chocolate packaging style, the package consists of 2 parts: a lid and a bottom.

 Here are some printing techniques applied to  chocolate gift box

  • Metallic Gold Foil is available to make logos with pink, black, gold, white, and other color foil stamping.
  • It is ok to make an embossed logo or pattern.
  • It allows 3D gold foil patterns or designs on a chocolate gift box.


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