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Corrugated Kraft Mailer Box

  • Material:  Three lyaers corrugated cardboard 130gsm kraft paper /130 E Fluting /130gsm kraft paper
  • Size:  8‘’x5‘’x2‘’ or  custom size is available
  • Fluting: E fluting
  • Printing:  One color silk screen printing

The mailer box is a self-locking packaging box. Compared with shipping and rigid boxes, mailer boxes have significant advantages in terms of price and printing.

  • Cost-effectively
  • Sustainable
  • Completely customizable


There are many types of corrugated cardboard suitable for making mailer boxes, and the price of the corrugated board is very economical and durable. The folding structure of the mailbox greatly saves production and transportation costs.


The corrugated cardboard consists of several layers of kraft paper which is a kind of recycled material, the material of the mailbox is durable and can be reused. In addition, the fast turnaround time of the mailbox reduces energy consumption to a certain extent.

Completely customizable

Mailer boxes can be completely customized in size, material, and printing. In the highly competitive business of today, personalized mailboxes play an important role in creating an amazing shopping experience for customers.

Corrugated cardboard is the main material used to make mailer boxes, there are two main types of corrugated board for mailer boxes: two layers and three layers of corrugated cardboard.

Type of the Corrugated Board used for mailer Box Fluting Type  Liner Paper Type Printing Options Material Options
Two layers of Corrugated Board B flute,
E flute,
F flute
Kraft paper, white kraft paper, dyed paper offset offset offset Offset printing(PMS CMYK), silk screen printing, and other finishes are available 110gsm(B, E, F)/110gsm
Customized materials are available three three
Three Layers of Corrugated Board B flute,
E flute,
F flute
Kraft paper, white kraft paper, dyed paper Silk screen printing 120gsm/120(B, E, F)/120gsm
130gsm/130(B, E,F)/130gsm
150gsm/150(B,E,F)/150gsm 200gsm/130(B,E,F)/200gsm
Customized materials are available

The size of the box has an impact on cost and durability. Although there are many different sizes of mailer boxes available online, sometimes, you have to customize the size of the box.

The maximum unfolding size of the mailer box needs to be 37 inches in length and 46 inches in width. In terms of the folded dimension, the mailer box should be less than 21 inches in length, not more than 17 inches in width, and within 4 inches in height.

  • Maximun Flat Size :37”X46”
  • Maximum Fold Size:21”X17”X4”


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