Corrugated Subscription Box

  • Material: 300gsm SBS C1S /120 B Fluting /300gsm SBS C1S
  • Size:  11‘’x8‘’x3‘’ or  custom size is available
  • Fluting: B fluting
  • Printing: printing on inside & outside

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Due to its sturdy construction, solid material, and great printing options, corrugated cardboard has become the primary material choice for subscription boxes.
The diversity of the paper options makes subscription boxes look simple or fancy.

Sturdy Construction
The subscription box is directly delivered to the customer, the corrugated cardboard is lightweight and good compression, and is ideal for sending out as a subscription box.

Diversity size options
Available in any size, it is suitable for most products from small to large, such as jewelry, cosmetics, T-shirts, dresses, blouses, and trousers.

The flexibility of Printing

Offset printing and silk screen printing are currently the commonly used printing methods on subscription boxes.

Corrugated cardboard is the main material used to make mailer boxes, there are two main types of corrugated board for mailer boxes: two layers and three layers of corrugated cardboard.

Type of the Corrugated Board used for mailer Box Fluting Type  Liner Paper Type Printing Options Material Options
Two layers of Corrugated Board B flute,
E flute,
F flute
Kraft paper, white kraft paper, dyed paper offset offset offset Offset printing(PMS CMYK), silk screen printing, and other finishes are available 110gsm(B, E, F)/110gsm
Customized materials are available three three
Three Layers of Corrugated Board B flute,
E flute,
F flute
Kraft paper, white kraft paper, dyed paper Silk screen printing 120gsm/120(B, E, F)/120gsm
130gsm/130(B, E,F)/130gsm
150gsm/150(B,E,F)/150gsm 200gsm/130(B,E,F)/200gsm
Customized materials are available


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