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Custom Colored Cotton Twill Tape 25mm width

  • Minimum Quantity: 2000 yards
  • Material:   Cotton
  • Ribbon width: 25mm
  • Ribbon Color: Pantone color
  • Delivery: Free delivery to the USA by air


Cotton twill tape is a narrow strip of fabric made from cotton fibers and woven in a twill pattern. Its most common uses are for sewing, crafting, and reinforcing seams, but it can also be repurposed creatively in gift wrapping to achieve a distinct aesthetic.
Cotton twill tape can be used to attach gift tags as the handle. Cotton twill tape can be used as a decorative element on gift packaging. You can wrap it around the gift box in a crisscross pattern or create a bow or knot with twill tape for a unique and textured appearance.
The primary color of cotton twill tape is white, it is available in other colorful colors.


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