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Custom Logo Gift Bags L7.8 x H11x D4 inch

  • Minimum Quantity:100PCS
  • Size: L7.8 x H11x D4 ich
  • Paper Type:  black paper
  • Handle Type: grosgrain ribbon
  • Logo: white logo
  • Production time: 5-7days
  • Delivery: Free delivery to USA by air express


The Logo Gift Bag is made from premium black paper and exudes luxury. The choice of black not only provides an understated background but emphasizes the white logo.
The customized white logo is prominently located in the center of both sides of the bag.

Ribbon handles ensure a soft, ergonomic feel, allowing you to easily transport your gift from place to place. The texture of the ribbon adds a tactile feel to the gift bag, helping to enhance the overall tactile experience。

Our custom logo gift bags are designed to make a lasting impression. They highlight the essence of luxury, personalization, and thoughtful

Paper Bag Material

Black Paper


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