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Custom Mailer Boxes

  • Material: Single face corrugated cardboard, 300gsm SBS C1S /120 F Fluting /120gsm white kraft paper
  • Size:  8×8‘’x3‘’ or custom size is available
  • Fluting: F fluting
  • Printing : PMS Printing
  • Finishing: Matte Lamination

The mailer box is sturdy and stylish, and it is an ideal packaging solution for Ecommerce delivery box.There are two main printing methods used on the mailer boxes: Offset printing and silk printing.

Offset Printing
Offset printing is an indirect printing method; it prints the graphic to paper first and then glues the printed paper on the corrugated cardboard. The offset printing machine has excellent printing performance. It can print up to 7 Pantone colors at a time.

There are also two printing types of the offset printing

  • Pantone Printing
  • CMYK printing

Pantone Matching System (PMS)

The color of Pantone printing is very uniform, and the printing stability is very good. If the mailbox is designed as a large area of monochrome or two-color, Pantone printing is the best choice to ensure that the colors of different printing batches are uniform and that multiple colors will not interfere with each other.

CMYK Printing

The printing of CMYK is different from that of Pantone. CMYK creates designs from many dots. This printing method can well solve the printing of patterns with complex backgrounds and gradient effects.

Better Package hhasengaged in manufacturering mailer boxes for many years.

Corrugated cardboard is the main material used to make mailer boxes, there are two main types of corrugated board for mailer boxes: two layers and three layers of corrugated cardboard.

Type of the Corrugated Board used for mailer Box Fluting Type  Liner Paper Type Printing Options Material Options
Two layers of Corrugated Board B flute,
E flute,
F flute
Kraft paper, white kraft paper, dyed paper offset offset offset Offset printing(PMS CMYK), silk screen printing, and other finishes are available 110gsm(B, E, F)/110gsm
Customized materials are available three three
Three Layers of Corrugated Board B flute,
E flute,
F flute
Kraft paper, white kraft paper, dyed paper Silk screen printing 120gsm/120(B, E, F)/120gsm
130gsm/130(B, E,F)/130gsm
150gsm/150(B,E,F)/150gsm 200gsm/130(B,E,F)/200gsm
Customized materials are available

The size of the box has an impact on cost and durability. Although there are many different sizes of mailer boxes available online, sometimes, you have to customize the size of the box.

The maximum unfolding size of the mailer box needs to be 37 inches in length and 46 inches in width. In terms of the folded dimension, the mailer box should be less than 21 inches in length, not more than 17 inches in width, and within 4 inches in height.

  • Maximun Flat Size :37”X46”
  • Maximum Fold Size:21”X17”X4”


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