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Custom Packaging Boxes

  • Size: Customize size
  • Color: CMYK,PMS
  • Material:  Paperboard, Corrugated ,Rigid board

Better Package offers unlimited custom packaging solutions that fit your budget and elevate your product.We offer a wide range of box styles for your custom packaging box

  • Rigid Box
  • Corrugated  Box
  • Paperboard Boxes

Rigid boxes are kind of elegant gift boxes made by hand. Custom rigid boxes with premium printing are favored by the shopper and elevate your packaging quality.
The rigid boxes are suitable for luxury and cosmetic gift packaging boxes. There are five basic rigid box styles for luxury packaging

Corrugated cardboard is a kind of cardboard composed of multilayer paper and fluting sheets. Due to its lightweight and excellent compression features, it is an ideal material to produce shipping boxes, mailer boxes, and product packaging boxes. The type of corrugated cardboard comes in five types, single face(2 layers), single wall(3 layers), four layers corrugated board, double wall (5 layers ), and triple wall(7 layers).

Paperboard is the common material made for the product packaging boxes, such as skin care product packaging boxes and bakery boxes.

The main printing methods of custom packaging include offset printing, flexographic printing, silk screen printing, and digital printing. Different printing methods are suitable for manufacturing different packaging products.

Offset Printing
There are many categories in custom packaging, and the selection of printing methods between different categories is also slightly different.
Offset printing is a dominant printing method in gift packaging printing, and it is suitable for most custom packaging printing.

Flexographic Printing
Flexographic printing is a flexible printing method. This printing method is generally applied to produce printed tissue paper. In addition, flexographic printing is also used for plastic packaging and labels.

Screen Printing
Screen printing is generally used in the parts of boutique gift boxes and paper bags that need to be highlighted. The logo and pattern on the shipping box are printed screen.

The custom-printed ribbon printing methods adapt to silk screen printing.

Digital Printing
Digital printing is used in the sample prototype proofing

Gift Box Style Picture Used For Product Packaging




Drawer Gift Boxes









Foldable Boxes





apparel,wine,cosmetic,shoe,gift,toys,game card




Lid and Base Box








Magnetic Boxes









Shoulder Boxes









Paper Tube





jewelry,cosmetics, candle,gift, wine,candy,food



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