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Custom Fancy Gift Box Sample

  • Size: 174 mm x 56mm x 11mm,307mm x167mm x 11mm,223mm x72mm x 48mm
  • Material: kraft paper
  • Logo: black  color
  • Printing: Pantone printing
  • Sample time : 7-10 days


This gift box sample comprises two parts: a lid and a base. The lid fully fits over the base, creating a secure enclosure for the contents inside.
The two-part design allows for easy access to the items and adds an element of anticipation when opening the box.

The fancy gift box can be tailored to fit specific occasions, themes, or the recipient’s is designed to provide a visually pleasing and memorable presentation for the gift or item they contain.

The cream color adds a touch of luxury and refinement, enhancing the overall appeal of the packaging.

Better Package company provides a variety of options in design consultation, conceptualization, and material section.

If you need to custom gift box sample, please feel free to contact us


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