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Custom Jewelry Paper Bags L4.5 x H6.5 x D 4 inch

  • Quantity:1000  pcs
  • Size: L4.5 x H6.5 x D 4 inch  L10 x H9 x D4 inch
  • Paper Type:coated paper
  • Handle Type: twill  ribbon 
  • Logo: hot foil stamping
  • Production time: 9-12 days
  • Delivery:Free delivery to your business address by sea shipment


The white jewelry paper bag is carefully crafted to embody the essence of luxury and cleverly designed to meet the unique needs of jewelry packaging.

The gold hot stamping logo on the center exudes a sense of purity and refined taste, this prominent branding not only enhances the aesthetics of the bag but also reinforces the brand’s image tastefully and elegantly.

The elaborate rectangular holes add a touch of chic to the jewelry paper bag.

The green twill ribbon serves as the bag’s handle. The green color not only complements the bag’s pristine white background but also symbolizes nature, growth, and renewal – attributes that resonate with the essence of fine jewelry.

Paper Bag Material

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