Magnetic Gift Box Prototype Sampling

  • Size: H 298 mm x W 204 mm x D 85mm
  • Material:  C2S artpaper, and texture paper
  • Logo:  embossed logo
  • Printing: Pantone printing
  • Packaging insert:  corrugated packaging insert
  • Sample time : 7-10 days


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Prototype sampling is a valuable process in the development of custom gift boxes. It makes an initial sample of the product to test and evaluate its design, functionality, and other aspects before mass production.
The sample allows you to visually assess the aesthetics and overall design of the gift box. It helps you visualize how the final product will look and make any necessary design refinements or adjustments before production.
Prototypes enable you to test the functionality of the gift box, such as opening and closing mechanisms, compartments, inserts, or any other specific features.
By creating a prototype, it helps you able assess different materials and their suitability for the gift box. This allows you to choose the most appropriate materials in terms of quality, durability, aesthetics, and cost.
Prototyping plays a crucial role in custom gift box development, allowing for design validation, functional testing, and material selection. It helps refine the product’s design, identify and rectify issues, and ultimately ensures a higher quality end result. Proofing, on the other hand, focuses on verifying the final design and artwork to minimize any production errors.
The sample cost is just for reference, if you need us to make a sample, please contact us.


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