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Custom Magnetic Gift Boxes with Tissue Paper

  • Full Personalization
  • Various Customization Options
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Sturdy and Well-Constructed Quality
  • Sustainability Material Options
  • MOQ: 500 Pcs
  • Production time:15-20 days
  • Delivery: Free shipping to the USA by sea
  • Contact us to get a quote for your specific packaging requirement,such as size and printing.

Magnetic gift box with tissues paper inside is a commonly used gift-giving packaging. It usually consists of a sturdy box with a magnetic closure that opens and closes easily. Magnetic closures provide an elegant and secure way to display gifts inside.

Tissue paper inside gift box is  to wrap or line gift items. Tissue paper can be printed with a logo for an added decorative touch, to help protect delicate items or to create an element of surprise when the recipient opens the box.

Magnetic boxes with tissue paper are popular for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or other special events. They provide a visually appealing and convenient way to wrap and present gifts

The magnetic closure ensures the box stays securely closed while in transit, making it a popular choice for online retailers or individuals sending gifts by mail.


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