Customized Magnetic Lid Box with High Embossed Logo

  • Quantity : 300pcs
  • Size: H 298 mm x W 210mm x D 85mm
  • Material:  C2S artpaper, and texture paper
  • Logo:  embossed logo
  • Printing: Pantone printing
  • Packaging insert:  corrugated packaging insert
  • Production time : 10-16 days
  • Delivery: free shipping to the USA by sea


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Elevate your packaging experience with our exquisite Customized Magnetic Lid Box, meticulously designed to provide both aesthetic elegance and functional security. Crafted to perfection, this box offers a luxurious blend of personalized printing, a high embossed logo, sophisticated textured paper, and a reliable magnetic closure, ensuring your cherished items are both beautifully presented and securely stored.

The high embossed logo makes a lasting impression with a logo that stands out in both sight and touch. The high embossed logo on the lid adds a tactile dimension to your packaging, immediately catching attention and leaving a remarkable impression on anyone who interacts with it.

The textured paper exudes a sense of timelessness, making your packaging a keepsake in itself.

The magnetic closure system guarantees both style and security. The concealed magnets ensure a satisfying snap when closing the box, sealing the contents inside with a reassuring sense of protection.


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