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Custom Plain Weave Cotton Tape 16mm width

  • Minimum Quantity: 2000 yards
  • Material: cotton
  • Ribbon width: 16mm
  • Imprint Color: specific design or pattern 
    Ribbon Color: natural
  • Delivery: Free delivery to the USA by air


Plain weave cotton tape is woven in a simple over-and-under pattern, creating a smooth and flat surface,It can can be customized with a specific design or pattern. This type of tape is typically used for branding, labeling, or adding decorative elements to garments, accessories, crafts, or other fabric-based products.The customization of plain cotton tape can involve printing a specific design, logo, text, or pattern onto the tape’s surface using techniques such as screen printing, heat transfer printing, or hot foil stamping.

Custom printed plain cotton ribbon offers a way to add a personalized touch, promote a brand, or enhance the aesthetic appeal of a product. It is commonly used in the fashion industry for garment labels, trimmings, or hang tags. It can also be utilized in various craft projects, gift wrapping, or DIY applications where customized fabric tape is desired.




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