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personalized gift boxes

  • Size: customize any size and shape
  • Color: CMYK,PMS
  • Material: paper, fabric, velvet
  • Packaging processes: hot foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, silk-screen
  • Price: factory price
  • Quantity:  MOQ 2000PCS
  • Sample proofing: sample proofing is available
  • Shipping: worldwide delivery

Where to buy personalized gift boxes?

It is ideal to use personalized gift boxes when you pack corporate gifts, closing gifts, special event gifts, or souvenirs. Personalized gift boxes with logos enhance the curated gift and leave a deep impression on people.

Better Package provides a full set of custom luxury gift boxes with high-quality printing and low price. Help your curated gift stand out from the crowd.

Better Package is a corporate gift box supplier for businesses and offers various curated gift box solutions.

  •  10+ year experience
  • 1000+style gift boxes
  • 10000+ daily capacity

How much does a corporate gift box usually cost?

The corporate gift box includes a personalized gift box, curated gifts, handwritten greeting cards, and packaging accessories.  The classic box structure of the corporate boxes is gift boxes with a lid and printed with exquisite design. These gift boxes with logos have large sizes to coordinate with the combination of multiple products; the curated gift boxes generally use a harder material to suit the weight of the different curated gifts inside. The price range of bulk curated gift boxes is between $2-$3.

There are many curated gifts, including cosmetics, skincare products, body bath products, jewelry, and electronic accessories. Due to the wide range of selections, it
is essential to consider the below principles:
1. Relevance: It needs to be consistent with the company’s brand and the purpose of the events.
2. Novelty and interesting
3. Valuable and meaningful
Curated gifts can be multiple products, and the general price is between $30-$80.

The decorations of the curated box include ribbons, fillers, greeting cards, and labels. These can be used to decorate the gift box and make the personalized gift box more vivid; these costs are about $0.4-$1.
So the price of this corporate gift box can be $33-$85.

Benefits from Better Package

1, Huge collections in the gift boxes structure
2, Built personalized gift box quickly
3, Sample proofing delivery fast.
4, factory price from a quality manufacturer
5, Guaranteed after-sale service

Gift Box Style Picture Used For Product Packaging




Drawer Gift Boxes









Foldable Boxes





apparel,wine,cosmetic,shoe,gift,toys,game card




Lid and Base Box








Magnetic Boxes









Shoulder Boxes









Paper Tube





jewelry,cosmetics, candle,gift, wine,candy,food



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