Custom Promotional Gift Bag with Logo

  • Minimum Quantity: 100PCS
  • Size: L16x H10.5x D4.7inch,
  • Paper Type:  black specialty paper
  • Handle Type: weave ribbon
  • LOGO: add logo for free
  • Production time:4-7 days
  • Delivery: Free shipping to the USA by air


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The promotional gift bag with logo is designed and customized to carry and present gifts while prominently displaying a logo or branding of a company, organization, or event. These bags are often used as part of promotional and marketing campaigns to enhance brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on recipients.
These gift bags can be made in various sizes, shapes, and materials to fit the your desired. The logo is printed or displayed on the bag’s surface.
These bags are often designed to suit specific occasions such as trade shows, conferences, product launches, holidays, or corporate events. They can be filled with promotional items, brochures, or actual gifts.


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