Shoulder Rigid Boxes

  • Size: customize any size and shape
  • Color: CMYK,PMS
  • Material: paper, cardboard

What is the Shoulder Box?

The shoulder box is a premium version of the lid and base box. The shoulder box made of rigid board consists of two bases with an internal cardboard tray in the middle, perfect for adding a touch to the packaging uniqueness.

The rigid neck box is another name for the shoulder box.

Three Different Styles of the Shoulder Box

The shoulder box is a boutique gift box made of cardboard and available in three variant styles.

  • Shoulder box without a gap
  • Shoulder box with a gap
  • Hinged Lid Shoulder Box

The shoulder box without a gap is the style in which the box’s lid completely covers the internal tray. The shoulder box with a gap is the style in which the top of the box covers part of the interior tray to make the gap visible. The hinged lid shoulder box is the style in which the box’s lid is hinged to the base.

The Shape of the Shoulder Box

  1. Square shoulder box packaging
  2. Round shoulder box packaging

The shoulder box is an elegant gift box of candle packaging, jewelry packaging, and cosmetic packaging.

Logo Printing

A gift box or paper bag with a logo can impress shoppers with your brand. There are many methods to print a logo on packaging, so choosing the suitable way is critical for making impressive packaging.

  1. Hot Foil Stamping, gold, silver, black, rose gold, pink gold, etc
  2. Embossing/Debossing
  3. Spot UV varnish
  4. Laser Cut
  5. 3D Relief Finish
  6. Silk Screen Printing

Paper Type

Paper is an essential material for custom gift boxes and shopping bags; We provide a wide range of paper types for custom packaging products; the main types of paper used in customized paper bags and gift boxes are as follows

The Seven Most Common Types of Paper for Making  Gift Boxes

  1. Coated Artpaper
  2. Kraft Paper
  3. Bleached Kraft Paper
  4. Metallic Paper(Silver, Gold, Rose Gold)
  5. Textured/Embossed Paper
  6. Leatherette Paper(Leatherette Paper is a Fancy Luxury Wrapping Paper for Jewelry Gift Boxes.)
  7. Soft-touch Coating Paper
  8. Color Dyed Paper

The Six Most Common Types of Paper for Making Paper Bags

  1. Coated Artpaper
  2. Ivory Paper
  3. Kraft Paper
  4. Bleached Kraft Paper
  5. Metallic Paper(Silver, Gold, Rose Gold)
  6. Textured Paper(Textured Paper is One of The Most Suitable Materials Used for Customizing Luxury Paper Bags.)

Factory Information

Better Package is a print and packaging company dedicated to custom shopping and gift bags for small businesses.

  • 10+ years of packaging manufacture
  • 100+ Workers
  • 1000+ Style of custom packaging
  • 10000+ Daily Production Capacity
  • 6000+Square Production Workshop

Production workshop and workers


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