Custom Textured Magnetic Gift Box

  • Full Personalization
  • Various Customization Options
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Sturdy and Well-Constructed Quality
  • Sustainability Material Options
  • MOQ: 500 Pcs
  • Production time:15-20 days
  • Delivery: Free shipping to the USA by sea
  • Contact us to get a quote for your specific packaging requirement,such as size and printing.

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The magnetic gift box is a type of packaging box that features a magnetic closure mechanism and opens from both sides. This design provides a unique and convenient way to access the contents of the box from either side.

The rigid box has foam inserts, which are custom-designed to fit snugly inside the box, allowing for organized placement of individual items or products within the box. The inserts are specifically tailored to match the shape and size of the items being packaged.

The two-sided opening feature offers versatility and convenience, as it allows easy access to the contents of the box from either side. It can be particularly useful if the items inside need to be viewed or retrieved without disturbing the arrangement or layout.
The magnetic gift box with two side openings combines aesthetic appeal, functionality, and ease of use to create an attractive and practical packaging solution


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