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Custom White Corrugated Boxes 35.5 x 25cmx 11cm

  • Quantity : 100pcs
  • Size:35.5 x 25cmx 11cm
  • Material:  corrugated board
  • Logo:  black color
  • Production time : 6-9days
  • Delivery: free shipping to the UK by air shipment


The white corrugated box combines the base and lid box and foldable box style. creating a durable and practical function.
The top and bottom covers of the box meet flawlessly, providing a secure enclosure for the precious inside.

The corrugated box is transported flat, making transportation a breeze. It is simply fold it into shape when you’re ready to use it.

The sleek black logo on the top of the box, is printed with high-quality water-based ink. Your logo or design will look sharp and sophisticated, leaving a lasting impression.

Made from sturdy corrugated material, our box offers excellent protection for your items.
This corrugated box is eco-friendly and recyclable, ensuring your packaging aligns with sustainability goals.

There is a wide range of sizes to suit your needs, from small keepsake boxes to larger gift boxes. Find the perfect fit for your items.


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