The Guide to Custom Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes have become dominant delivery packaging boxes because of the thriving of Eco-commerce. Most product transporting boxes and subscription boxes are all adapted the mailer boxes.

What is Mailer Boxes?

The mailer box is a self-locking packaging box. Compared with shipping and rigid boxes, mailer boxes have significant advantages in terms of price and printing.

Here are the three advantages of the mailer boxes


There are many types of corrugated cardboard suitable for making mailer boxes, and the price of the corrugated board is very economical and durable. The folding structure of the mailbox greatly saves production and transportation costs.


The corrugated cardboard consists of several layers of kraft paper which is a kind of recycled material, the material of the mailbox is durable and can be reused.

In addition, the fast turnaround time of the mailbox reduces energy consumption to a certain extent.

Completely customizable

Mailer boxes can be completely customized in size, material, and printing. In the highly competitive business of today, personalized mailboxes play an important role in creating an amazing shopping experience for customers.

Many articles describe the importance of custom mailer boxes. Today we will share some useful knowledge about customizing mailer boxes.

For example, what size is suitable for mailbox boxes? How many material options are available for custom mailing boxes? And the impact of different printing methods on customized mailboxes.

The Process of customing Mailer Boxes

1,Size for Mailer Boxes

The size of the box has an impact on cost and durability. Although there are many different sizes of mailer boxes available online, sometimes, you have to customize the size of the box.

You may be surprised when I say that not all sizes are suitable for making mailboxes.

The mailbox is flat cardboard folded into a box according to the die line.

Therefore, the size of the paperboard is limited by die-cutting equipment and printing equipment.

The maximum unfolding size of the mailer box needs to be 37 inches in length and 46 inches in width. The following illustration shows how to measure the size of the mailbox.

In terms of the folded dimension, the mailer box should be less than 21 inches in length, not more than 17 inches in width, and within 4 inches in height.

2,Material for Mailer Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is the main material used for mailer boxes, during the production of mailer boxes, manufacturers usually use two types of cardboard: two layers and three layers of corrugated cardboard.

The type of the corrugated cardboard describes the difference between the two layer and three layers of cardboard.

The full-color mailer box is generally made of two-layer corrugated cardboard, an extra full-color paper will be pasted on the surface of the two-layer corrugated board, while, the mailing box made of three-layer corrugated is suitable for printing directly.

Whether it is a two-layer version or a three-layer version, the weight of the fluting sheet inside and the liner paperboard can be customized.

The experienced manufacturer could provide a reasonable proportion of packaging materials according to the weight of the packaged goods.

Material Fluting Type Liner Paper TypePrinting OptionsMaterial Options
Two layers of Corrugated BoardB flute,
E flute,
F flute
Kraft paper, white kraft paper, dyed paperOffset printing(PMS CMYK), silk screen printing, and other finishes are available110gsm(B,E,F)/110gsm
Customized materials are available
Three Layers Corrugated BoardB flute,
E flute,
F flute
Kraft paper, white kraft paper, dyed paperSilk screen printing120gsm/120(B, E, F)/120gsm
130gsm/130(B, E,F)/130gsm
150gsm/150(B,E,F)/150gsm 200gsm/130(B,E,F)/200gsm
Customized materials are available

3,Printing for Mailer Boxes

It stands out that printing brands or patterns on the mailbox can elevate the unboxing experience. There are two main printing methods used on the mailer boxes: Offset printing and silk printing.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is an indirect printing method; it prints the graphic to paper first and then glues the printed paper on the corrugated cardboard. The offset printing machine has excellent printing performance.

It can print up to 7 Pantone colors at a time.

There are also two printing types of the offset printing

  • Pantone Printing
  • CMYK printing

Pantone Matching System (PMS)

The color of Pantone printing is very uniform, and the printing stability is very good. If the mailbox is designed as a large area of monochrome or two-color, pantone printing is the best choice to ensure that the colors of different printing batches are uniform and that multiple colors will not interfere with each other.

CMYK Printing

The printing of CMYK is different from that of Pantone. CMYK creates designs from many dots. This printing method can well solve the printing of patterns with complex backgrounds and gradient effects.

Silk Screen Printing

Screen printing has a long history and is still popular today. It is widely used in various products. For example, ribbons with logos are mostly adapted the silk screen printing.

There are many types of screen printing inks, including oil-based inks, water-based inks, high-gloss inks, semi-gloss inks, and volatile drying inks.

Silk screen printing is generally used in custom mailing boxes with simple colors.

4,Other Finishing for Mailer Boxes

In addition to the printing methods mentioned above, there are some additional coating and printing techniques applied to the customized mailbox, including lamination, embossing, hot foil stamping, embossing, and Glossy Spot UV.

These extra finishing processes and techniques make the mailer box more attractive.


There are two common laminations to choose from: matte and glossy. The laminated process is to add a layer of protective film to the paper to increase the waterproofing roof and durability of the package. It is necessary to add lamination on full-color mailboxes.

Hot Foil Stamping

Hot stamping also called foil stamping printing, is a logo printing method in packaging. Hot stamping is to print patterns and text on paper, cloth, or leather by heating metallic foil through a heated metal plate.

The foil is available in various colors, such as white, gold[lk1] , black, copper, rose gold, etc.

A foil stamping logo has bright colors and a metallic luster to decorate the packaging and outstanding products.


Embossing is a common process in logo printing, it is to make the logo and pattern have a three-dimensional effect and highlight these parts

Glossy Spot UV

Glossy UV is to add a transparent layer on the paper surface to highlight the patterns. This process is often used on the LOGO of the mailbox.


Customizing the mailbox doesn’t seem difficult. You just need to select the process you need from the options of materials, printing, and additional processes according to your size and design.

When you have doubts about custom mailers boxes, please contact our experts in time, and we are willing to provide you with helpful packaging suggestions.

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