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Candle Boxes for Jars, Gift set and Shipping

Elaborated candleboxes impress your shopper and help you build your brand awareness.

Candle Tube Packaging Boxes

Candle Paper Tube Box

Kraft Tube Cardbaord Box

Kraft Tube Cardbaord Box

Paper Tube Box

Cardboard Tube Pacakging Box

Packaging Inserts For Candles

Foam Inserts

Plastic Tray Insert

Cardboard Inserts

Plastic Blister Tray

Custom Packaging Services


Packaging material,structure and price


Artwork ,Packaging layout,and 3D mold up


Packaging sampling,testing and optimization


Sourcing ,Packaging Managment and Quality Control


Shipping optimization,End to end delivery,Mulit channel transportation


Brand Strategy

Build your brand with Custom Packaging

Custom Candle Gift Boxes and Shipping Boxes

delivering support at every step of the custom packaging

about Factory

Customize Packaging Boxes Professionally

Our packaging mill is equipped with various equipment for producing rigid gift boxes.

  • automatic die-cutting machine
  • automatic cardboard cutting machine.
  • automatic hot foil stamping machine
  • automatic positioning, 
  • automatic set-up rigid box
  • case maker machines.

These advanced packaging equipment have greatly improved our gift box production capacity and efficiency, allowing us to provide customers with better gift boxes and faster turnaround.

With a production team of more than 100 worker, more than ten years of production experience, extensive brand service experience, and thousands of gift box styles that have been developed, we can provide customers with reliable packaging customization solutions.

  • Packaging layout & artwork esign
  • Packaging structural design
  • Prototyping sample proofing
  • Multi-channel logistics distribution services

Frequently Asked Questions

Candle boxes are packaging boxes used to store and display candles.

In modern business,candlegift boxes with logo not only store candles, but also perform advertising and brand recognition functions. Brand candle manufacturers will design various patterns and special printing on the candle packaging box to attract consumers’ attention. 

Candles come in a variety of styles including single bottle candles, candle jars and scented candle gift sets. Candles are made in a wide range of packaging materials, such as cardboard, rigid board and corrugated packaging.

Custom candle boxes have a complete production process, from the design of box structural, proofing, printing process, production, and final logistics delivery. So the minimum quantity of custom candle boxes is 3000

There are two common types of candles in the market, glass candles, and tin candles. Whether it is glass candles or tin candles, we should pay special attention to the safety of candles during mailing.

  • The first step is that if your candle does not have a separate packaging box, it is necessary to use bubble film to wrap the candle very carefully.
  • The second step is to put the wrapped candles in a corrugated box that is the best packaging box for shipping. Please note that the size of the corrugated carton needs to be appropriate. If the box is big, it needs to be filled with other packaging fillers, such as environmentally friendly shredded paper.

Candles are made of different materials, such as paraffin candles, soy wax or beeswax, and scented candles made of essential oils.
Paraffin candles: generally used in celebration ceremonies, such as wedding celebrations or religious ceremonies. Most paraffin column candles use cardboard or plastic packaging.
Soy, beeswax, and scented candles are usually stored in tin cans or glass. Extra cardboard and corrugated packaging boxes are used to decorate further and strengthen the safety of the candles.

Candle Packaging Ideas

candle boxes for shipping

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