Custom Gift Box for Candles

Get your memorable custom candle boxes in various styles and printing options from Better Package.

Why Customize Black Gift Box for Candle

Elegant and luxurious

  • To create exquisite and luxurious candle packaging boxes for candle jar and scented candles 

small MOQ Requirement

  • With pre-made cutters and molds available, it’s possible to personalize a candle box with a logo for as few as 200 pieces.

Rapid production and complimentary delivery

  • Providing door-to-door delivery to help you optimize your inventory management

Customized Candle Gift Box with Logo

Candle Box with Gold Logo

Candle Box with Pink Logo

Candle Box with Black Logo

Candle Box with White Logo

Luxury Candle Gift Set Box- Silver Logo

Luxury Candle Gift Set Box- White Logo

Luxury Candle Gift Set Box-Gold Logo

Luxury Candle Gift Set Box- Black Logo

Design Scented Gift Box with Different Hot Foil Logo

The foil logo creates a shiny and reflective design that contrasts beautifully with the dark background .

The foil color is available in a variety of colors, such as gold, silver, black, white, purple, and so on. 

This diversity allows for greater customization and flexibility in creating retail candle packaging box that suit the brand.

Silver Foil Logo
Black Foil Logo
White Foil Logo
Gold Foil Logo

Versatile Candle Box Sizes to Meet Your Packaging Needs

We offer two sizes of candle boxes: one designed for packaging single bottle candles and the other for scented candle sets or assortments of mixed scents. These sizes cater to a wide range of packaging requirements within the candle market.

Customize Packaging insert Foam

Customizing the packaging insert foam according to the shape of the candle enhances both the practical functionality and visual appeal of the packaging, ultimately benefiting both the brand and the customer.

Candle Box Customization Service

You can trust us to custom candle box with logo that perfectly represent your brand.

candle Box Design layout

  • We offer the gift box design layout showing the logo position , logo size, logo print tone color and the arrangment of the packaging insert.You can trust that we will provide professional and detailed solutions.

small batch Production

  • Starting from 200, it’s fast and easy to customize your desired exquisite candle box

Flexible logistics solutions

  • Providing multi-channel and multi linkage logistics solutions, air freight, sea freight, and door-to-door delivery to help you optimize your inventory management

Customization and Pricing FAQ

The production time for 200pcs is about  10-15days

We will arrange for shipment as soon as complete the goods, and the delivery time may vary between the Eastern and Western United States, ranging from 15-20 days.
We are able to handle urgent orders and arrange for express delivery and air freight to deliver your goods.

Please fill in the below form and provide us with detailed requirements about your quantity , logo image and delivery time

Once we have this information, we will be able to provide you with a detailed quote tailored to your needs. Our goal is to ensure that we meet your expectations and deliver high-quality customized shopping bags.

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