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Get your memorable custom jewelry boxes in various styles and printing options from Better Package.

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Customize Jewelry Boxes for Earring, Bracelet and Ring

Jewelry gift boxes can be customized into various box styles, shapes and prints as well as with various inserts.

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Custom Packaging Services


Packaging material,structure and price


Artwork ,Packaging layout,and 3D mold up


Packaging sampling,testing and optimization


Sourcing ,Packaging Managment and Quality Control


Shipping optimization,End to end delivery,Mulit channel transportation

Brand Strategy

Build your brand with Custom Packaging

Custom Jewelry Gift Box, Bags and Jewery Pouches

delivering support at every step of the custom packaging

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Customize Packaging Boxes Professionally

Our packaging mill is equipped with various equipment for producing rigid gift boxes.

  • automatic die-cutting machine
  • automatic cardboard cutting machine.
  • automatic hot foil stamping machine
  • automatic positioning, 
  • automatic set-up rigid box
  • case maker machines.

These advanced packaging equipment have greatly improved our gift box production capacity and efficiency, allowing us to provide customers with better gift boxes and faster turnaround.

With a production team of more than 100 worker, more than ten years of production experience, extensive brand service experience, and thousands of gift box styles that have been developed, we can provide customers with reliable packaging customization solutions.

  • Packaging layout & artwork esign
  • Packaging structural design
  • Prototyping sample proofing
  • Multi-channel logistics distribution services

Frequently Asked Questions

The gift box is an integral part of the jewelry. it not only be used as a container but also adds value to the jewelry. Therefore, ideal jewelry packaging needs to take into account several important elements of packaging, such as material, box type, printing, jewelry lining, and packaging accessories. Creating elegant and affordable jewelry packaging is the best solution.

There are many materials for necklaces, including thick pearl necklaces and thin necklace chains of gold and silver; therefore, different sizes of necklaces are suitable for various packaging methods.
For necklaces like pearl necklaces, we recommend using a clasp setting to secure the necklace in the box; however, for necklaces like thin chains, a slotted velvet cardboard frame is suitable, while for necklaces made of other stones, preferably wrapped in tissue paper or colored raffia.

Packaging online retailer: You can buy one or five pieces from online shopping sites like Amazon.
Package gift shop: provide some simple style jewelry boxes
Packaging wholesalers: offer discounts for small-batch purchases, and some wholesalers also provide a simple service of adding LOGO.
Packaging manufacturers: they provide full customization for the shape, style, material, printing, lining design, the jewelry boxes.

The use of sustainable packaging is an important trend in the future. Sustainable packaging means reducing carbon emissions in packaging design, material selection, and production by using more recycled materials and reusing more packaging components.

It requires the joint efforts of packaging manufacturers, suppliers, packaging designers, and merchants.

We have always paid attention to the sustainability of packaging and  strive to make packaging products more environmentally friendly in terms of packaging structure, material and printing process.

Jewelry Packaging Ideas

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